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A seaside poem about all the beautiful shells and other treasures that can be found on the beach. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.

The beach is a treasure chest
Of pearl and silver shells,
Some smaller than my finger nail
Like tiny orange bells.

Large flat fan shapes
In white and yellow tones.
Pretty, swirly, curly shells.
Shaped like ice-cream cones.

Pink and cream crab shells,
Some still with their claws,
Cast off by their owners
And swept up on the shores.

Blue and green jelly fish,
Stranded on the beach.
Only look, but never touch!
Stand well out of reach.

Small, rough, rugged rocks,
Glistening in the light.
Smooth silky pebbles
In black, grey or white.

Sunbleached, drift-wood
Scattered on the sands.
Carried far across the seas
From near and distant lands.

The beach is a treasure chest
With many kinds of jewels,
Like diamonds shining in the sands
Or hiding in rock pools.

© to Brenda Williams

Read and discuss the poem as a stimulus for activities based on colour, shape, texture and size. Create a beach "touch and talk table" of items found on a beach.

This poem is also available at Scholastic. Click Here for a printable poster version. (Child Education subscribers only)