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A charming poem about all the different kinds of footprints you might find on a beach. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.

Footprints trailing in the sand.
Leaving little clues
Of people walking barefoot
And others wearing shoes.

Flip-flops or trainers
All with different soles.
Making pretty patterns
Of little dents and holes

Barefoot prints of tickled toes.
Heels, firm and strong.
Some are short and narrow.
Others wide and long.

Tiny baby footprints
Where toddlers tried to stand.
Perfect padded paw prints
Of dogs that raced the sand.

Kite-shaped, zig-zag tracks
Of waddling gulls webbed feet
Leave tell-tale signs along the beach
Of where they like to eat.

Big prints. Small prints.
Following in a line.
Looking back across the beach,
Some of them are mine!

© to Brenda Williams

Ask children to make footprints on a large shallow sand tray placed on the floor, both in shoes and barefoot. Discuss and compare patterns, shapes and the sie of their prints.

Check out our Colouring In page for an printable version of the poem, complete with illustrations for you to colour. This poem is also available at Scholastic. Click Here for a printable poster version. (Child Education subscribers only)